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Once you let one in it’s hard to shut the door on all of their friends.  It’s like telling your teenager they can have a few friends over.  All of a sudden there’s a hundred kids on your doorstep and you have no idea how you lost control of the situation.

My mother warned me about opening the door between this world and the next.  Once opened it was not an easy door to slam shut again.  There was no knowing and then unknowing.  You could pretend to forget what you’ve seen and heard but it was hard to convince yourself of your own pretense.  Trying to skirt along the edge of halfway open and halfway shut was a precarious position to be in.  I can attest to the latter since I’ve spent most of my life skating along just such an edge.

But I digress. Once I made the commitment to pass along what I was taught, the voice in my head left me alone.  Apparently the doing part was what was important to them, the how I chose to accomplish my part they were willing to leave up to me.  It was a bit of a relief to hear only silence from the other side, and at the same time a bit lonely.  Rather than write a serious study companion, I decided to indulge my love of fantasy and romance while fulfilling my mother’s request.  Hence The Awakening.

My mother used to say she wished people understood being psychic was not all dark and scary.  It was actually rather amusing at times.  Being an optimist myself, and rather scared of the darker side of things, I prefer to focus on the light-hearted side of life beyond the veil.  Of course there’s no completely getting around the good versus evil dilemma. It’s pretty much the central premise of all life, but I tend to stick with the former as much as possible. So with fiction as my vehicle, I interlaced my memories within my story and satisfied my desires to both preserve my inheritance and indulge my imagination. I’ll leave it to the reader to decide which is which.

Of course many people believe it’s all fiction, that there is no life after this one.  Imagine how surprised they’ll be when they go to sleep in this world and wake up in the next.  I often wonder how long they’ll try to convince themselves they’re simply stuck in a dream they can’t figure out how to wake up from.

I figure one of the consolations of trying to keep track of two lives at once in this world, is the head-start on the transition into the next.  I already tried convincing myself I must be imagining things.  I already tried telling myself there’s no proof of a life beyond this one.  But when you’re confronted with what this world claims is impossible, and the evidence before your eyes is challenging that assertion, you have a choice to make.  You can either try to convince yourself you are imagining what you are experiencing, or you can expand your view of what is possible.  After years spent contorting yourself to ridiculous limits to convince yourself what you’re seeing is an illusion, you eventually give up the fight and accept the simpler explanation….life is more than our previously defined limits of it.  Our experience of this world is only the smallest fraction of the life awaiting us beyond it.