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I whispered the apology in my head.  Since He was irritated with me I hesitated to remind Him He hadn’t made a request of me yet.

“I haven’t had a chance.  You’re the one who’s been doing all of the talking.”


His sigh rustled my hair.  I didn’t like disappointing Him.  I didn’t like it when He was angry with me.  Though He would tell me He wasn’t angry.  When I asked Him once if He was angry with me, He replied that, No He wasn’t, and if the time ever came when He was angry with me, I wouldn’t have to ask.  I would know.  Right.  So I didn’t ask. I let the silence extend between us to give Him a chance to relate His request of me in His own way and time.

“Michael has a story to share with you.”

“All right.”

“I want you to write it down.”

“All right.”

“Am I asking too much of you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Good.  Then let us begin.”