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Hopefully both, as one without the other leaves you at a severe disadvantage in accomplishing your dreams. Running around and doing without a guiding vision too often is reduced to simple mindless activity. Spending your days dreaming of a better life, of a more beautiful version of yourself without taking the necessary steps to manifest your vision in your present reality often fades into idleness, resentment and envy of those who are working to transform their lives to more completely match their dreams. And make no mistake, work is involved. Following your dreams means being willing to take risks, work up a sweat and spend countless sleepless nights worrying about whether or not you’re doing the right thing. Transforming your life means turning a deaf ear to those who would hold you back, to those who try to convince you your vision is foolish, impossible, and impractical.

Transformation is not accomplished in a moment. It is the end result of countless moments spent pursuing your next greater version of yourself. Evolution is the purpose of all life. If you are just marking time, spinning in circles from one mindless activity to the next than you are wasting the precious time you were given to make this life a meaningful one. Do not be tempted into believing at the end of this life you will magically be transformed beyond the veil of this physical reality into the person you always dreamed you could be. Of course you could be that person. Anyone could be something they’re presently not, but until they are, until they perform the work of transformation, they still are not. Wishing does not make it so. This is where the doing part comes into play.

We are accountable for the gifts we are given, for the undeveloped potential imbued in each of us when we enter this life. When at the end of our lives we are called upon to account for the gifts we were given, even if it is only to ourselves, do we want that experience to be filled with regret at how often we failed to live up to our potential? Not living up to our potential is not our greatest failure, because our potential is unlimited. It is impossible to ever live up to it fully. But when we confront our reflection in the mirror, do we not want to be able to stare back and say with satisfaction rather than regret, “I did my best. I could have done better. Of course, everyone can do better, but all in all I did my best. Look how far I’ve come from where I was when I entered this life.” I am not speaking about the physical changes the majority of us will eventually pass through, but a spiritual advancement, the latter being a choice each of us is called upon to make, rather than the inevitable result of the evolution of the species.

So each of us must ask ourselves, ‘What is my choice? Am I on a spiritual journey as well as a physical one?’ It seems rather silly to concentrate all of our efforts on this passing existence when our eternal self is at least as worthy, if not more worthy of our focus.

If you’re confused about where to begin, or how to even find the gate that leads to the start line, ask yourself, what is my purpose? Why am I here? What did God have in mind when He sent me here, to this planet, to this moment in time, to this family, to these circumstances? Am I just taking up space on this beautiful planet? Am I intent on simply acquiring and consuming as much as I possibly can? Do the majority of my waking hours revolve around just making it through the day? The majority is fine, because let’s face it, life is so often hard. We have responsibilities to ourselves and to others. We have jobs, children, families, homes that demand our time and our attention. Sometimes just making it through the day is the best we can do.

Somewhere though in the midst of those minutes that become the hours and the days and months and years that all combine to make up our experience of this life, if we long for a more spiritual existence, or even the smallest connection to the eternal life within, we must carve out a few moments of silence, of aloneness, of stillness. It’s awkward at first. Just like any new endeavor gives rise to feelings of unease and discomfort in the beginning. But once we experience true stillness and make a meaningful connection with our eternal selves, the awkwardness fades and we wonder how we ever made it through the day without the comfort she brings.

Still not sure where to start? Try asking yourself what is your vision? What is your dream? Do you still have one, or did you lose sight of it somewhere along the way? Whether you lost it completely or merely shelved it in some hidden corner of your life for a while, how many moments a day do you spend in pursuit of it? How many quiet moments do you set aside each morning or evening to nurture your next greatest vision of yourself?

Are you dreaming, or doing? One without the other is like trying to hop through life on one leg.