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What meaning is there in this passing life except that to be found in seeking the divine will at work in and at work for the benefit of each of us?  How sad for those who deny Him.  How dark the imaginings of those who set man in His place and proclaim there is no God…that man is the ultimate life-form of the universe. Who would want to live in such a world? How limited such a view to think our world, the multitude of galaxies in space, our very existence is the result of some cosmic random accident.  How foolish and presumptuous of man to make himself on par with God, the Creator of all life, of all that is, of all that ever was and all that will ever be.

Is that why despair is the daily bread of so many?  Is that why our world continues to spiral in a seemingly unending downward arc towards its own destruction?  Is God responsible for the evil at work in our world?  Or is it not more likely the abandonment of God that leads us to stop striving for a better world, a better life for all?

There are those who claim that it is the myth of God that is responsible for the evils in the world today.  “Look at the atrocities committed in His name”, they shout as their evidence. But man’s attempt to deflect the blame to God for mankind’s evil does not in any way diminish man’s culpability.

God holds out his hand to offer loving assistance to those who seek Him, but the faithless mock the faithful’s striving, leading them to doubt, to turn from the path of righteousness and salvation. Not content with the prospect of their own dark and empty eternities, they need to drag everyone else down with them to share in their own personal hells. How dark must be their imaginings. How comfortless their rest.  How empty their accomplishments and purposeless their strivings.

For the faithless, striving is indeed without purpose.  “Live for today, for tomorrow we die and then all is nothingness,” they cry out in their desperation.  Who could blame them for wanting to taste all of life’s pleasures? For neglecting the higher gifts? In their limited view of life there is no such thing as the higher gifts.  There is no spirit.  There is no soul.  There is no God.  There are no angels.  There is no inherent good or inherent evil.  Man is the ultimate judge of what is good and what is evil.  Unfortunately, man has proven a poor and subjective steward of such an office.

So, I think instead of despair, I will choose hope.  Instead of death, I will choose life. Instead of emptiness, I will choose meaning and purpose and the striving and occasional loss that accompanies it.  Instead of man in the place of God, I choose God.  I choose faith.  I choose joy.  I choose the hope of heaven and the promise of our Lord.

For are we not defined by our choices?