Book 2 of the Awakening Series:

Each of us lives two lives simultaneously:  the one eternally ours, and the one we put on when we enter this physical world.  As long as our two selves remain safely separate each goes about their daily lives largely oblivious to the other’s existence.   Sometimes though our two selves cross paths.  We experience a sense of dejavu, or that feeling as if someone just walked across our grave.  It’s an eerie feeling we usually shake off with a shiver and a laugh.  Sometimes though we can’t escape our other self so easily.  Memories of who we once were and still are begin to intrude on our current life…our real life, until the two begin to merge and we’re no longer certain which of our lives is the real one and which is the fantasy.  We want to go back to the certainty of knowing who we are but our memories, our doubts, our questions won’t stay buried.  What do we do when we suddenly discover there are two of us inside our one body?  How do we merge our two lives?  How do we Choose?

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