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Lessons In Illumination  A Beginner’s Guide to the Eternal Way



This little volume is not a voice in the wilderness crying out to be heard.  The contents do not arrogantly shout their message in a futile attempt to rise above the din of the constant media bombardment we are subjected to in this modern age.  Nor does it not draw attention to itself by sporting a flashy façade hoping to be noticed amidst the chaos and confusion of this passing world.  Or ask for celebrity endorsements to validate its wisdom.  There are no extravagant promises to be found between the pages of limitless riches, vast power, never-ending beauty or endless leisure to entice the reader to continue.

Rather, it is a whisper to the souls of those who seek.  To those who even among the heady distractions offered by the modern world are still troubled by a restless spirit, an unquenchable yearning for more.  Unquenchable, because this world can never satisfy the soul’s thirst to know itself.  It is impossible for the small wisdom of our current embodiment to comprehend the magnificence of the eternal soul.

So here is a tiny light for those who wander in the darkness searching without direction for the way home. Contained within these pages is a beginner’s guide to the eternal way.

…For my children with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts that yearn, this is my gift to you.

Lesson One

The first thing I would like to make clear is the content within the following pages is to be taken at face value.  There is no secret meaning hidden between the lines.  There are no mysteries to be unraveled.  This is not a trick or a scam. For what would be the point of such an endeavor on my part?  What do I have to gain?  I seek only to unlock the bars of your self-imposed imprisonment.  It pains me to see you reduced to the mean little lives you confine yourselves to when the abundance of the universe awaits your pleasure.

This course requires an open mind on your part.  A little bit of faith wouldn’t hurt.  A great deal of faith would be tremendously helpful, but it is not a requirement for you to benefit from the truths revealed on these pages.

One other thing before we begin, you will have to suspend your doubts and learn to trust, if not me, the spirit within you.  Your eternal self recognizes truth, even buried beneath layers of your ego’s denials, incredulity and doubt.  The measure of your trust will be the measure of your progress.  Trust little, progress little.  Trust greatly and you will open your life to new possibilities you never dared dream of.

Now let us begin with a reminder that will hopefully sound familiar.  You are more than you can begin to comprehend in your current state.  Your lives have been narrowed down to the merest slivers of your true reality by abdicating control over them to the capriciousness of fate and random events.  You are your own jailors.  You are responsible for the current state of your soul.  If you are to gain anything from this collaboration you will have to put aside the comfort to be found in blaming others for your fate.  It denies the underlying premise of all truth.  You, and only you, are the master of your experience.

The first step towards freedom is regaining control of your life.  This is the true purpose of the concept of self-control.  In order to gain control over yourself and therefore your life, you must first learn to control your thoughts.  Action is not the initiating cause in the universe.  Thought is.  All thought manifests itself in form at some level.  Please re-read this last sentence and try to accept its truth, and begin to contemplate the consequences.  All thought manifests itself in form at some level.

The easiest progression of this truth for you to understand is the one you are most familiar with…thought, word, action.  A simple example might help you see where we are going with this.  You become aware you are hungry.  You may or may not mention your hunger to someone you are with.  Regardless, you satisfy your hunger by taking action.  Words do not precede thought.  Actions do not precede thought.

Therefore, if you desire to change your experience of life you must begin with your thoughts.  If your thoughts lack commitment and purpose, so too will your experience of this life.  If your thoughts are clear and focused, your experiences will mimic their reality.  The chaos in your life will fall away like the illusion it is.

It is not necessary for us to spend too much time on the concept of thought as the driving creative force of the universe as numerous books have already been written on the subject.  If you are having trouble accepting this idea, it would be beneficial for you to take time away from these pages and familiarize yourself with this topic prior to continuing. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to gain much from them as future lessons depend on your acceptance of this one pivotal truth.

Let us now turn our attention to the related concept of faith.  The command to, “Ask and you shall receive,” seems to be the cause of much confusion among you.  As is true of any form of prayer, it is not the phrasing of the question that determines the response.  It is the belief in the answer.  It is the faith by which you imbue your request and send it out to the far reaches of the universe that will influence the universe’s reply to your appeal.  Lack of conviction negates the request.  Little faith is rewarded with small results. Great faith moves mountain.

I have been asked many times how or why, God, if I exist at all, can allow evil to continue to plague your world.  The universal laws laid out from the beginning of time for the administration of the universe do not distinguish between good and evil. They are at the service of my children. So be very careful what you seek, for if you seek diligently and faithfully, you will obtain the object of your search, and at that point you become responsible for the stewardship of the gifts bestowed upon you.

I should caution you, as is true of any gift accompanied by unlimited power, great faith comes with immense responsibility.  If a man seeks command over others, and his thoughts are focused and driven in the direction of his goal, and he truly believes he is destined to achieve his objective, then the universe will deliver into his hands the prize he craves.   He will then be held accountable for his agency.

I do not interfere with the laws I laid out by which the universe and everything in it are governed.  So when a man’s faith is misdirected and by it he achieves much power, and then proceeds to use that power to wreak havoc upon your little world, I do not step in and counteract the force of his power.  Have I not promised you free will to govern your affairs?  If I stepped in every time I was not happy with one of your decisions, what kind of freedom would that be?  Don’t those of you who are parents recognize your children must sometimes make their own mistakes, and don’t you stand aside and let them even though you may cringe in shared pain as they fall?   Does a child not learn best from painful experience?   The learning curve is no different for an adult, only the consequences are greater and the fall farther for the adult.

So what is the point of seeking great wealth if you have not prepared yourself for its proper use?  Why seek control over others’ lives if you have yet to learn to administer your own successfully?  Vast wealth will run through the hands of the spendthrift faster than sands through an hour glass. Great power will corrupt the hearts of all but the most righteous men.  Do not envy the man burdened under the weight of much wealth and many responsibilities.  You too will be tested. Think rather of your own stewardship of the gifts bestowed upon you.  Have you governed your talents so fruitfully you are worthy of more?  If so, then more is already on its way to you.

There is no point railing against the fate of your birth or your circumstances.  You cannot fool the universe.  As I said at the beginning, there are no secrets, no tricks, no scams involved.  You are the cumulative effect of your thoughts.   You control your destiny.

So I will take this opportunity to caution you to be mindful of your thoughts, particularly your negative ones, as you progress in faith and power.   For when a child dresses up as a superhero and jumps off a step pretending he can fly, his fall to earth is but a gentle jolt.  When a grown man convinces himself he can fly and jumps off the side of a mountain, he pays a much higher price for his ignorance.  A man with little has little to lose.  A man with much has much to lose, but the laws operate the same for both men.  When you have gained in wisdom and then turn aside from the constraints of discipline your fall from grace will be much harsher than if you never acquired wisdom in the first place.

With knowledge comes responsibility.  I will not leave you in ignorance, but I caution you to weigh in your heart of hearts whether or not you are ready to assume such accountability and accept the consequences of your decisions hereafter.


Cover Design:  Melissa Alvarez @ BookCovers.Us

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